Do you make donuts?

No. The kitchen itself does not have the proper exhaust system for a deep-fryer.  Due to all the other bread and pastry production we also do not have the time to add them on.  Most bakeries that specialize in donuts only have donuts for this reason.

Do you make cake?

No.  Due to the time required with our other products we do not have cakes available.  Most bakeries that specialize in cakes only have cakes for this reason.

Do you do bagels?

No.  Due to the time required with our other products we do not have bagels available.  Most bakeries that specialize in bagels only have bagels for this reason.

Okay, but then why do grocery stores have them all available?

Grocery store bakeries generally are being supplied by a central bakery facility somewhere else.  Items are shipped to the grocery store frozen or par-baked and the store is just defrosting items or finishing off the final bake in the store.

Do you have buckets available for purchase?

No.  We are making everything down the fillings for our pastries from scratch.  We do not use any giant buckets of fillings/ingredients.

Do you have delivery available?

No.  We do not have the staffing or extra time during the day to run our deliveries.

Why are walk in purchases no longer available?

This is still fallout from the pandemic.  We had a significant drop in walk its at the start of the Covid pandemic.  We were able to seek out grocery stores as an option to sell more products than we sold in stores for a longer period of time.  With restaurants closed during this time we were still able to operate on both fronts.  Ingredients have been and still are a challenge to get in as well.  I'm not always able to get flour, eggs, and other basic ingredients in and costs have all gone up.  Rather than make products and hope people stop in I can better control the inventory by knowing what we need and have significantly reduced our waste from items that didn't sell.  As everything began to regain normality in 2021 we got too busy since production levels on some days for breads with the new wholesale accounts was over ten times what we used to make.  There's not enough time in the day for us to make everything so we opted to close the customer side to only pre-orders in order to keep up with the work.

Do you have sit down dining?

No. We do not have the space, but In Graphic Detail next door does have seating on their patio that is available for use.  Just be sure to clean up after yourself.

Do you have coffee available?

When we were open for walk-ins we had drip coffee available, but that has been discontinued for the time being.  There are several to go coffee shops in a few blocks of the bakery.

Do you have a restroom available?

Not for public use.  Due to the location of the restroom in the bakery and our classification as a wholesale bakery plant it is not open for public use under the guidelines from the Washington State Department of Agriculture.