Wholesale Baking Schedule

Tuesday - Sourdough, French, Sourdough Multigrain, Date Walnut

Wednesday - Sourdough, French, Sourdough Multigrain, Rye, Marble Rye, French Multigrain, Banh Mi

Thursday - Sourdough, French, Plain Ciabatta, Olive Ciabatta, Garlic Herb Focaccia

Friday - Sourdough, French, Sourdough Multigrain, Rye, Challah

Saturday - Sourdough, French, Sourdough Multigrain, Rye, Cranberry Orange Pecan, Seeded Sourdough, Banh Mi


Pre-Ordering Bread Guidelines

Below are a list of breads with their information about which days they are available for order.  When placing an order be clear about size "Loaf vs Large Round" and desired slice size (Thin = 1/2 inch, Thick = 3/4 inch).  All sourdough based breads require extra time due to the sourdough starter that is used to leaven the bread.  All days notice are considered during our normal baking schedule of Tuesday through Saturday, so most orders placed after hours Saturday-Sunday would be the same as placing an order Monday.  All order cutoff times listed below, but generally 9am is the cutoff for any multi-day notice needed.

French (Loaf, Baguette) - Available Tuesday and Thursday.  Limited/no availability Friday and Saturday depending on Wholesale orders.  None available Wednesdays.  Order by 9am the day before.

French Multigrain (Loaf) - Available Wednesday. Order by 9am the day before.

Sourdough (Loaf, Large Round, Bread Bowl, Baguette) - Available daily.  3-4 days notice.

Sourdough Multigrain (Loaf, Large Round) - Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday.  Occasional available Friday pending wholesale orders.  4-5 days notice.

Rye (Loaf) - Available Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.   3-4 days notice.

Marble Rye (Loaf) - Available Wednesday, Saturday.   3-4 days notice.

Pumpernickel (Loaf, Batard) - Available Wednesday, Saturday.   3-4 days notice.

Date Walnut (Loaf, Large Round) - Available Tuesday only. 3-4 day notice.  Orders must be placed by 8am Saturday.

Ciabatta (Freeform Loaf) - Available Thursday only.  Order by 9am Wednesday.

Olive Ciabatta (Freeform Loaf) - Available Thursday only.  Order by 9am Wednesday.

Garlic Herb Foccacia (1/2 Sheet-pan) - Available Thursday only.  We usually sell 1/4 of the 1/2 sheet pan, so this would be for 4 of the regular servings.  Order by 9am Wednesday.

Challah (Loaf, Braid) - Available Friday only.  Order by 8pm Thursday.

Cranberry Orange Pecan (Loaf, Large Round) - Available Friday only.  3-4 days notice.

Buttermilk (Burger Buns, Sliders, Dinner Rolls) - Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.  Dinner rolls minimum order is for 4 "6-packs" of rolls.  Order by 4am day before.

Pizza Dough (Frozen dough ball) - Available daily.  4-5 days notice.